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Our school provides ways to excel inside and outside of the classroom in academics, furthering the educational opportunities in different settings
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Academic Team

Immanuel Lutheran School's middle school students are eligible to participate in an academic team featuring quiz-bowl competitions​.  We compete against other Lutheran schools in the St. Louis Lutheran Athletic League. Our students compete with students from across the state. 

We also participate in the national GeoBee sponsored by National Geographic.

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Chess Club

Experience a class devoted to the fundamentals necessary to enjoy a good game of Chess. Instruction will be provided by the Saint Louis Chess Club, which is world renowned for hosting international competitions, daily instructional classes, and chess programs in schools throughout the Saint Louis Area. No prior experience is necessary, and all equipment will be provided for use during classes.


Enjoy a game that is becoming part of the culture of Saint Louis while developing skills such as critical thinking, planning, and sportsmanship. Classes open to students (K-8).



Students design, build and program their creations while developing essential skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.  

Lutheran Junior Honor Association (LJHA)

Each spring Immanuel will recognize 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who have met the LJHA guidelines. Once initiated in LJHA, students will be expected to continue their efforts in the four key areas to remain members of LJHA at Immanuel Lutheran School. The guidelines are :

  • Christian Character - Expected to model Christian decisions in words and actions. No suspensions are possible as a LJHA member.

  • Leadership - Expected to take opportunities to lead in curricular and where possible extra-curricular activities.

  • Service - Expected to volunteer 5 hours of service at school, community, and/or church. (This is not parent volunteer hours.)

  • Scholarship - Expected to maintain a minimum 3.33 GPA. 

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