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Who Qualifies?

  • IEP or Qualified ISP. ISP must be developed in cooperation with a local educational agency under IDEA. Any IEP or ISP must be dated within 36 months of the date of students application for the Scholarship

  • Attended Public School in the last 12 months for at least a semester.

  • Is a child eligible to begin Kindergarten or Grade 1

Who is Immanuel Lutheran School’s Education Assistance Organizations (EAO)?

  1. The Missouri District (MO District) of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

  2. Herzog Tomorrow Foundation


Application Process:

  1. Fill out each EAO’s pre qualification survey

    1. Missouri District:

    2. Herzog Tomorrow Foundation:

  2. If the EAO says you are eligible, you will be emailed the FACTs financial aid application link to complete the application. If you already have a FACTs financial aid application, still use the link provided by the EAO and log in with your current account credentials, this will add the EAO to your current financial aid application. Additional questions will be added into your FACTs application specific to the EAOs requirements for eligibility. 

  3. FACTs verifies eligibility

  4. Each EAO contacts individual families with scholarship notification upon funding being made available. The financial aid reward will also be available to view within your FACTs account

  5. Family sets up a ClassWallet account for the student that the EAO transfers the money into.

  6. Student spends money via direct pay to the school or marketplace

  7. Student notifies MO District of annual renewal 


What can the money be spent on once you qualify and have the money in the ClassWallet account the family/student created?


  • Tuition and Fees

  • Textbooks required by school

  • Virtual School

  • Marketplace - Educational therapies, Tutoring, Specialized after school programs  


Upon designating money to be paid towards ILS Olivette tuition, please provide written confirmation that the student receives from classwallet confirming the amount of money allocated.


Scholarship Timeline:

                        January 2024: Begin/Renew Application for the 2024/2025 academic year

                        April 1, 2024: Application deadline

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