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2023-2024 Financial Aid Options

At this time, we only have financial aid available for children attending Kindergarten - Grade 8.

Different Financial Aid Options for Tuition:

  1. Lutheran Elementary School Association's (LESA's) Building Blocks Scholarship Fund (BBSF)

  2. Immanuel’s School Board

  3. Christian Friends of New Americans Scholarship Fund

  4. Widows and Single Mothers' Financial Aid Grant (Immanuel Church members only)

  5. MO Scholars

Requirements for Financial Aid Requests:

  1. A family must be in good standing with their current tuition and fees.

  2. A family must meet the time line deadlines.

  3. the FACTS Tuition Assistance online application provided by LESA is required to receive any funding from Immanuel's School Board or LESA. 

  4. LESA will send financial aid awards by email.

  5. Immanuel's School Board will send financial aid awards by email after LESA awards have been distributed.

2023 Timeline for the Application Process:


January 1:  You may begin online financial aid application at 

FACTS Financial Aid Assessment Service. There is a fee charged per family at the time of submitting the forms online.

Those that qualify for the Women's and Single mothers Financial Aid Grant may request financial aid application from the church office


February 6: Widows and Single Mothers Financial Aid Grant applications due. They                    must be submitted to the church office.

April 10: Financial Aid applications must be completed online at FACTS Financial Aid                Assessment Service. It is not considered complete until the fee has been paid. 

May: Families who applied by the April 10 deadline will  be notified of financial aid                   awarded.

Late June: If there are additional funds, additional financial  aid will be awarded to                    families who applied before and after the April 10 deadline and families notified.

Christian Friends of New Americans (CFNA) Scholarship

The Adopt a Student Ministry is not just a scholarship program, This successful scholarship ministry

has been in operation, with support from the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, for seven years helping children new to America receive a Lutheran education. To learn more about CFNA and the help and hope they provide for people new to America, you can visit their website at To qualify for this scholarship, a student needs to fulfill the following pre-qualifications: 

  • born outside of the United States

  •  enrolled in grade 1 or above

If you think your child may qualify, please email your questions to our 

Communications Admissions Director at

Widows and Single Mothers' Financial Aid Grant

Immanuel Lutheran Church has been blessed with the ability to provide financial aid from a special grant for single mothers. Due to the way this grant has been set up, the following stipulations are in place in order to qualify:

  • must be a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church

  • must be a woman

  • must be widowed or unmarried

For additional information, you can open up this document.

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