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PSCE - Parents Supporting Christian Education

Immanuel Lutheran School's Parent Group


Members:   Every parent or guardian with a child enrolled at Immanuel is a member.



The purpose of PSCE is to promote the welfare of Immanuel Lutheran School by:

  • Promoting the cause of Christian education

  • Cooperating with the congregation and the teaching staff in giving as much as possible to the educational program, financially and otherwise

  • Promoting harmony and collaboration between parents and staff

Focus Area One

Community-Building: We organize several activities throughout the year.

  • Family Orientation Night - An opportunity to meet and welcome new families to Immanuel.

  • General Assembly Meetings (one in the fall, one in the spring - meeting dates can be found on the calendar.) - An opportunity to get involved.

  • Family Reading Night - An opportunity for students to enjoy

  • Generations Celebration



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