Prevention Guidelines


The coronavirus remains a threat to our country and Immanuel Lutheran School - Olivette will look different until there is a vaccine or a cure. ILS Olivette families, students and staff will need to remain flexible as the priority of protecting the health of our students may require modifications in procedures, sometimes with minimal notice. We remain committed to providing a loving Christian environment which supports our students spiritually, socially-emotionally, academically, and physically.

This re-opening plan follows a flexible framework to address challenges that may develop throughout the 2020-2021 school year, based upon the possibility of varied levels of community spread of COVID-19. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, the decision tree provides a menu of instructional models and responses that ILS Olivette can adopt to ensure the continued success and safety of students and staff members. While it is our goal to prepare a plan as best as we possibly can. All plans are subject to change based on St Louis County and the CDC recommendations. Please note situations may arise where adjustments must be made quickly as such communication is key and families are asked to regularly read all school email communications.

As of 07/13/20, ILS Olivette is operating with the Code Yellow Guidelines.


Below is a brief overview of each aspect of our opening guidelines. For the full explanation, click on the icon to the left of each section. 

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Practicing Prevention: Increased handwashing, hand sanitizer stations, face shields to be used for certain situations, and face masks are mandatory for K - Grade 8, social distancing of desks and activities.  


Drop Off/Pick Up: Student's temperature will be taken at drop off and parents will not enter the building. 

Teaching and Learning: masks will be worn during class time for K - Grade 8 and social distancing practiced as we are able for the academic setting. Face shields may be utilized as needed to aid in certain academic settings such as phonics.

Transitioning in Building: There will not be transitioning of classes as previous years at our school and there will be specific areas assigned for certain grades for bathroom facilities and hand washing. 


Large Group Gatherings: Socially distanced, mandatory masks, no more than 50% capacity of the facility being used. 


Lunch and snack time: Each class will be eating lunch within their classroom at their desks. 

PE, Sports, Outdoor Play: 


When Someone is Sick: Everyone's temperature is taken before they can enter the building. If a child has a fever, they will need to go home. 

Protecting Vulnerable Persons:  Allow students to complete their coursework virtually if parents prefer to keep them home. Formal written requests for this option must be submitted to the principal prior to starting this option. 

Tuition:  Tuition for distance learning is the same as classroom learning. Families with financial needs that change during the school year, in particular in relation to COVID-19, may contact the school principal to apply for tuition assistance funding.

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