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Ms. Brenda Hente has been at Immanuel for her entire career, over 25 years, serving in various capacities including two separate periods of service as interim principal. Currently she serves as the seventh grade homeroom teacher and chair of the social studies department. She has a passion for the fine arts, teaching art to all students in grades 5-8 and serving as the choir director for the Voices of the Spirit (5-8) and the Junior Choir (3-4). Over the past several years she has started an outdoor education program for grades 5-8, which allows the students to experience and learn about God’s creation through activities which integrate the core curriculum.


She holds two degrees from Concordia University, River Forest; she earned her bachelor’s degree in education  and completed her master’s degree in School Leadership.  In 2018, Ms. Hente was recognized for her contributions in and out of the classroom with the Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.

In her own words,

"I enjoy teaching at Immanuel Lutheran School and bringing students outdoors to learn. I love connecting the 5-8 grade students in our Outdoor Education program, with God's creation and sharing with them all the blessings He has given us in the great outdoors. This opportunity allows students to have at least 20 different outdoor education experiences by the time they leave 8th grade, participating in activities such as fishing, hiking, learning about and exploring different ecosystems (forest, prairie, woodlands, stream, savannah, wetlands), natives, non-natives, birds and mammals, using our senses to help us make observations and draw conclusions, and many more place-based learning activities. This has been a high-light of my teaching since I began this program ten years ago. Outside of school, I love to spend time as a certified Missouri Master Naturalist, volunteering for World Bird Sanctuary where I lead presentations on raptors and am on the banding team where I participate in a nation-wide Northern Saw-whet owl banding study called Project Owlnet. I also volunteer at Forest Park where I help monitor 24 Bluebird boxes each Spring and Summer. I also enjoy teaching two evening classes a year at both the MO Botanical Gardens and Shaw Nature Reserve, teaching adults about our raptors of the night sky and leading them on a night time hike.


Subject Teachers

Pre-Algebra & P.E.




Mrs. Karlyn Cameron


Ms. Lina Tuta


Vicar Davin


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